Event Information

The Wild Wye Swim is a new long-distance, non-competitive swimming event for 2017, in the beautiful River Wye.   In this first year, up to 50 swimmers will swim down the Wye from Kerne Bridge to Huntsham Bridge, near Symonds Yat, a distance of almost 12km.   A further 50 places will be available for swimmers to complete the shorter 7km distance, from Lower Lydbrook to Huntsham Bridge. The later part of the swims includes the spectacular long bend in the river below the Yat Rock viewpoint.  A short, 1km river swim will also be available for all, including for accompanied juniors.

The Swim is being organised by SARA – The Severn Area Rescue Association – and it is hoped that this event will become a significant fund-raiser for the charity.

Swimmers will all park at the event HQ and finish area close to Huntsham Bridge. They will be transported from there to their starts, and clothing not required for the swim will be transported back to the finish area.  Food and soft drinks will be available in the HQ & finish area.

Timings for the event will be announced soon.

Qualified SARA rescue crew members, with their equipment and rescue boats, will be used to provide safety and first aid cover for the event. It is hoped that Wye Dean canoe club will also provide safety kayakers.  All swimmers will be required to wear wetsuits.

SARA is grateful to WyeDean Canoe Hire and the Vaughan Estate for making available land for the main HQ of the event.