Courses & Costs

The main Wild Wye Swim has two courses.

Marathon 10.5km*  Kerne Bridge to Huntsham Bridge             £60
Wild Wye 7km          Lower Lydbrook  to Huntsham Bridge      £50

A minimum age of 16 applies.  No tow-floats will be allowed, so as to facilitate the safety boats and other swimmers.

Swimmers are also encouraged to fundraise for SARA.

There will also be a family-friendly 1km option, at Huntsham Bridge. Accompanied juniors will be allowed to swim this, 1:1 with an adult (18 or over). Wetsuits will not be required for this 1km swim.  Advance entries will close on 16 Sept.

Wild Wye 1km            Solo entry (minimum age 16)                         £15
Wild Wye 1km            Accompanied Junior (i.e. two people)        £20

View a map of the swim courses.

*This was known as the ’12km’ in 2017, but (unrelated to the Brexit negotiations) it has been re-measured and given a more accurate name.