Wild Wye Swim 2018 Cancelled

Regrettably we have taken the decision to cancel this year’s Wild Wye Swim.

This was a difficult decision but as many will be aware there are multiple factors coming together on Sunday morning, including:

  • A rise in the river level, and consequently its speed, to the point where swimmers may have difficulties including avoiding obstacles and reaching an exit point. Yesterday’s heavy rain has caused a large rise further north which is heading downstream, and more rain is forecast continuously for the 24 hours before the event.
  • The high water level, for the first time after a long dry summer – on top of the heavy storm yesterday – will lead to debris in the water, which may impact the ability of the safety team as well as causing a hazard for the swimmers, and may also impact on water quality.
  • The amber weather warning during the event may also have an impact on people travelling to and from the event, and the emergency services’ ability to respond to us.

We are aware that many swimmers were looking forward to this event but as organisers we felt that the weather left us with no choice.

Those that have pre-entered have the option to defer their entry to next year (likely to be Sun 22 Sep 2019), or have a refund – or of course donate their entry to the Severn Area Rescue Association (the ‘do-nothing’ option). If you would like to defer or have a refund, please contact us by the end of September.

We hope to see you next year.